Guess & Co. Corporation Energy

Guess & Co. Corporation delivers energy solutions that power communities, companies and governments. Our portfolio of energy solutions helps communities, companies and governments use energy efficiently while also creating opportunities to generate revenue. Our energy solutions include:


Guess & Co. Corporation designs, installs and operates micro-grids for communities, companies and governments. This allows our clients to have certainty in knowing that they have a reliable and independent source of energy. This certainty supports daily life, business operations, economic development and provides security.

Petroleum Distribution

Guess & Co. Corporation sources and distributes petroleum for communities, companies and governments. We enter into bulk trading agreements with refineries which results in favorable pricing that we can pass on to our clients. Our petroleum distribution solutions provide certainty and communities, companies and governments know that they will have a reliable supply of petroleum with predictable pricing.

Oil & Gas Exploration

Guess & Co. Corporation works with communities, companies and governments looking to monetize oil and gas assets in a responsible manner. We will provide the necessary expertise and resources to identify oil and gas reserves. We provide certainty through reliable reports and facilitating the monetization of those reserves.