Guess & Co. Corporation Health Care

Guess & Co. Corporation delivers health care solutions that help communities, companies and governments address health concerns.  Our portfolio of health care solutions provide resources to help communities, companies, and governments to help them deal with rising costs and increased threats of disease outbreaks. Our health care solutions include:

Treatment Research & Development

Guess & Co. Corporation partners with communities, companies and governments to engage in research and development for cures to major diseases and chronic conditions. Our objective is to provide certainty to our clients that result in definitive cures that work and substantially reduce the number of people affected by major diseases and chronic conditions. We pull together the right stakeholders to gain valuable input that allows us to maximize dollars spent and to achieve the best outcomes.

Medical Center Development, Management & Operation

Guess & Co. Corporation develops, manages and operates medical centers for communities, companies and governments as their partner. As a private sector organization, we focus on value and efficiency to ensure that patients receive the best care. We employ systems that improve billing, collections and expense management to ensure that the medical center has day to day certainty for its operations. 

Innovative Health Care Village

Guess & Co. Corporation partners with communities, companies and governments that want to take a creative approach to the delivery of health care in areas where there is limited funding to ensure long-term stability. We leverage our expertise in creating village-like developments with health care as the main attraction and these villages are supported by key stakeholders including the community, companies and governments that will benefit from this innovation. We create a combination of health care and non-health care revenue to generate significant reserves that allow our clients to have certainty in providing health care regardless of budget cuts or policy changes.