Michelle Stewart, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Stewart is principal shareholder, chief operating officer and chief financial officer of Guess & Co. Corporation. As a seasoned business professional, Ms. Stewart has over 20 years of business and transaction experience. She began her career as a real estate investor in residential properties throughout the U.S. Ms. Stewart joined Guess & Co. Corporation as executive vice-president and managing director. In that position she was responsible for corporate planning and development. She was promoted to senior executive vice-president and chief corporate officer and had responsibility for revenue and acquisition planning. She was appointed president in February of 2018. She retired from Guess & Co. Corporation in November of 2018. During her retirement she served as chief executive officer of a for-profit social enterprise company. She returned to Guess & Co. Corporation in February of 2019 serving as president. She was appointed chief operating officer and chief financial officer in October of 2019. Prior to joining Guess & Co. Corporation, Ms. Stewart was partner and manager in a business financing company. Ms. Stewart has closed over $500 million in transactions during her career. She has completed coursework in Organizational Leadership at Colorado State University. As chief operating officer and chief financial officer, Ms. Stewart is responsible for the day to day operations and financial reporting of the company.