Michelle Stewart, Deputy Chairman

Michelle Stewart is principal shareholder, director and deputy chairman of the Board of Directors of Guess & Co. Corporation.   As a seasoned business professional, Ms. Stewart has over 20 years of business and transaction experience. She began her career as a real estate investor in residential properties throughout the U.S. Ms. Stewart joined Guess & Co. Corporation as executive vice-president and managing director. In that position she was responsible for corporate planning and development. She was promoted to senior executive vice-president and chief corporate officer and had responsibility for revenue and acquisition planning. She was appointed vice-chairman in February of 2018. She retired from Guess & Co. Corporation in November of 2018. During her retirement she served as chief executive officer of a for-profit social enterprise company. She returned to Guess & Co. Corporation in February of 2019 and was appointed deputy chairman. Prior to joining Guess & Co. Corporation, Ms. Stewart was partner and manager in a business financing company. Ms. Stewart has closed over $500 million in transactions during her career. As deputy chairman, Ms. Stewart works with the chairman to oversee the Board of Directors of Guess & Co. Corporation.