Mitchell Cohen, Lead Director

Mitchell M. Cohen is shareholder and lead director of Guess & Co. Corporation. Mr. Cohen is chief executive officer of Pursuit Management LLC, a New York based investment firm that operates a private asset purchasing platform. He has more than 30 years of financial, operations and general business experience as a senior executive at several public and private companies.  He is the former interim chief financial officer of a publicly traded investment management company and the Special Trustee of Consumer Debt Trust, a trust established to acquire distressed debt. Mr. Cohen spent five years as the chief financial officer and secretary of Asta Funding, Inc., a publicly traded company that acquires and liquidates distressed consumer receivables. During his tenure, Mr. Cohen assisted in acquiring approximately $15 billion of consumer receivables for liquidation, completed several mergers, and managed a portfolio of over 300 pools of distressed assets. In recent years, he has underwritten, and sourced for investors, pools totaling over $300 million. As lead director, Mr. Cohen oversees governance of the board of directors. He is also chairman of the Audit Committee.