Guess & Co. Corporation Technology

Guess & Co. Corporation powers communities, companies and governments through technology.  

Our portfolio of technology solutions enable communities, companies and governments to operate and manage their operations on a daily basis. Our technology solutions include:


Guess & Co. Corporation provides comprehensive telecommunications solutions to communities, companies and governments. Our solutions provide certainty in communication to our clients. We provide reliable and secure telecommunications solutions that comply with regulations and support productivity. We provide cloud telecommunications including DID both domestically and internationally. We also provide wireless and traditional land line solutions.

Network & Cloud Computing Systems

Guess & Co. Corporation provides networking systems and cloud computing systems to communities, companies and governments.  We design, build, install, manage and operate network and cloud computing systems including the equipment and software development. Our solutions include SaaS (software as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service). We provide certainty in the cloud for communities, companies and governments who require secure on-premise and off-premise operating systems to conduct their business on a daily basis.

Smart City Management Systems

Guess & Co. Corporation partners with communities, companies and governments that want to develop smart city management systems. Our solutions provide certainty in city management operations through predictive analytics, stakeholder integration, stakeholder engagement and enhanced cyber-security. Our systems are designed to support population growth, economic development, safety and security.