Guess & Co. Corporation Overview

Guess & Co. Corporation is a North Carolina privately-held business corporation. We were incorporated in January of 2015 and began operating in August of 2017. We were founded by Jerry D. Guess. Mr. Guess brought together a team of former federal law enforcement, former federal government officials, lawyers and skilled business professionals when he launched this company. Since 2019, we have been headquartered in Miami, Florida while conducting business throughout the United States and abroad. We are registered as a contractor with the U.S. Government. A member of our Board of Directors and one of our shareholders hold active Top-Secret/SCI Clearances with the U.S. Government. We have over 30 shareholders throughout the United States and Canada. Our principal business groups are energy, health care, technology and real estate. As a stewardship solutions company, we employ a care-taker approach in serving our clients which include communities, companies and governments to improve the welfare of people. We have over 20 subsidiaries incorporated in North Carolina, Missouri, Nebraska and Illinois. We hold certificates of authority qualifying us to conduct substantial business operations in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Florida. As of December 2019, we have no long-term debt obligations.  


Mission Statement

Guess & Co. Corporation delivers excellent products and services that meet the needs of consumers, companies, and governments, while consistently providing a rewarding employment experience for our employees, generating favorable returns for our shareholders, and positively impacting our communities.


Vision Statement

Guess & Co. Corporation will become a dominant and respected operator in the markets we serve through our strategies, innovation, and reliability.

Our Values


Integrity - We do the right thing. 

Diligence - We are fully committed and unwavering in our efforts.

Honesty - We are forthright and truthful in our dealings.

Empathy - We understand others from their perspective.