Let's Talk Certainty

Guess & Co. Corporation provides certainty during uncertain times.

Communities, companies and governments can rely on us.

Trusted Partners

Guess & Co. Corporation serves you as your trusted partner.

We have over 50 years of combined experience.

Flexible Solutions

Guess & Co. Corporation supports you wherever your business takes you. 

We offer a broad portfolio of flexible solutions.

Stewardship Solutions

Guess & Co. Corporation employs a care-taker approach in serving clients.

We take care of our clients.

Client Focused

Guess & Co. Corporation is focused on our clients. 

We provide a dedicated team to ensure that we meet our client's needs.

Guess & Co. Corporation is an emerging global stewardship solutions company. Our core businesses are energy, health care, technology and real estate. We employ a care-taker approach as we serve our clients. Guess & Co. Corporation partners with leaders to improve the welfare of people. We help communities care for their residents, companies deliver for their customers and governments protect their citizens. As we take care of our clients, they are able to provide an improved quality of life, better products and greater prosperity to people. During this period of global uncertainty, we help our clients operate with certainty through the solutions we provide. With over 50 years of combined experience, Guess & Co. Corporation is ready to be your trusted partner. 

From designing, building and operating micro-grids to medical facilities, we take care of you. We power your business with telecommunications, software and support your entire organization in the cloud. We deliver tangible hope that leads to economic development for under-served and disadvantaged areas through community revitalization and opportunity zone solutions. We fix failing infrastructure and improve resilience. We sell office equipment, power plant equipment, medical equipment, agricultural equipment, oilfield equipment, manufacturing equipment and more. We’re consultants, strategists, developers, providers, operators and joint venture partners. Guess & Co. Corporation delivers everything that you need under one umbrella. We serve cities and the small towns in between. Our products and services encompass solutions available locally, nationally and globally. We partner with leaders of communities, companies and governments to ensure success. We’re providing certainty. Guess & Co. Corporation is with you.

Jerry D. Guess, our Founder, Chairman, CEO and President shares his personal story and discusses our company.